Justin Hawkes

Website: www.justinhawkes.com
Email: hawkes@justinhawkes.com

When there is a need to explain what I think I am doing in my watercolours I use the term ‘sequence’.

Several structures and ideas influence me, such as internal working of music and aspects of town and country side, from this I try to find my own sequence of balance and harmony.

When looking at buildings in surrounding land I think of sequences of arrangements. How is the view changed and ordered by new buildings etc. How is perspective altered. Changing light can introduce a different ‘take’ on events in terms of far and near.

In my paintings I link shapes and colours to explore relative distance; trying to alter and adjust perception of distance. For example I find interest and excitement in bringing a dark colour closer with the right kind of manipulation of lighter colours.

There is a representation of the three dimensional world in my paintings while simultaneously I make them independent. I explore an aspect of reality- what I call a sequencing of space and forms.

I have exhibited in Canada at the Fran Willis Gallery, Victoria Island, British Columbia; the Oeno Gallery, Ontario; and the Arta Gallery Distillery District, Toronto.
My watercolours have been selected for the Royal Society of British Artists and the Royal Watercolour Society’s annual open competition exhibitions.

I have taught part-time and continue to work as a painting conservator.