Petula Stone

Petula Stone trained as a graphic designer, and has worked on an eclectic mix of products, from packaging for specialist teas, Christmas puddings for Harrods, to postage stamps for the Guernsey Post. Her work has appeared in magazines, childrens’ books, on TV and on chinaware and more recently on greetings cards, calendars and prints.

In over thirty years of working as an illustrator, the natural environment, plants and flowers are always a recurring theme of her work. Living in rural Suffolk, Petula is inspired by the things that surround her every day; the birds in the old apple tree outside her studio window, the seed pods she collects in the autumn, and the fat buds appearing in the spring.

Illustration can be a solitary business and she enjoys ‘escaping’ from her studio to run workshops in botanical illustration and flower painting at the University of Cambridge Botanic Garden as well as private classes in and around her studio in Suffolk.

In 2019, Petula won the Artists and Illustrators Award at the SEAW Selected Exhibition with her painting, The Garden

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