Janet Hathiramani

Janet’s work is focused on the portrayal of botanic subject matter in a diverse range of media.  Having purchased her first book of wildflower illustrations at the age of six, her preference remains unchanged and she still loves to capture the essence of the uncultivated plant with pen or pencil.

Janet makes it a habit to draw every day. The subject matter will vary with the time of year and could be anything from the washing up, a coffee pot or the contents of the cutlery drawer to something beautiful, picked from the garden,

Further afield and accompanied by studio assistant, Alf, a border terrier, Janet enjoys seeking out local wild plants from different areas of the United Kingdom. The plants may be picked, if allowed, or drawn in situ. Back at home, the sketches provide information and inspiration for artworks. Janet often combines different plants in the same pieces, using fineliner pens to draw each plant and watercolours for colouring.

Janet has a background in mixed media art and, when taking a break from her 0.05 fine liners, enjoys making linocuts and collages.

Janet is a member of and exhibits with:

  • Cambridge District Art Circle
  • Cottenham Arts
  • Ely Watercolour Workshop
  • Society of East Anglian Watercolourists
  • Studio CB25