Mel gave us a look at the project she has been working on during lockdown

“Last year, a Norfolk sailing friend of my husband Mark, came for tea. He asked me whether I would paint his boat, a Pegasus 800, with him on it, somewhere on the Norfolk Broads. He is very fond of his boat and has lots of photographs of it but had never had a painting!

He sent me some pictures of him on his boat sailing. I don’t normally paint boats, especially people on boats on a windy day in choppy water, but I have had some time over the past month, being locked down in Norfolk, so I had a go!


Lots of angles, different perspectives, light bits, dark shadows and ropes galore! Anyway, not yet framed and mounted but he likes it!


Inspiration for you

In addition, Mel has offered up this reference photo for people to use if they need a prompt. Let us know how your paintings turned out if you chose to use it!