Our patron Lillias August responded to our call for a glimpse of work being done during lockdown.

She shared her work in progress and the finished painting of a rooks nest found in her garden having fallen out of a tree. Because they’re usually high up and you can only see the bottom, and she had no idea it consisted of two parts. The rough, seemingly haphazard, coarse twigs that form the base and the delicate, more intricate, soft, inner nest. She says she has tried to convey that juxtaposition. And perhaps there is an analogy in there somewhere. Any suggestions? Our outer bravery and our inner hopes?

It is also worth exploring her website and reading her latest blog post about her thoughts on the lockdown:

“I, for one, initially thought of doing little things to get me back into the swing while my mind was taking the whole thing on board, worrying about the family, the community, the country.  Even though still life remains at the forefront of my practice, I’ve started doing small landscapes. I’ve been reminded how much I love the flat horizon of the East Anglian landscapes.

So landscape will be my starting point and will keep me busy for now. But this strange new world has made me review my priorities (something I hope the world will do once things have settled). Things are ever changing……. I wish you all well.”

More photographic source material

Here is another photo from Mel that you are free to use as a reference: