1. Members shall live in, or be associated with, the counties of Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Bedfordshire and shall comprise The Society of East Anglian Watercolourists (herein SEAW).

2. The aims of the SEAW shall be to bring together practising artists and others who appreciate watercolour painting, and those who buy or collect such painting, and to bring a greater enjoyment of watercolour painting to a wider audience of all ages through a better understanding of watercolour techniques and the language of painting.

3. Members pay an annual subscription which shall be decided from time to time by the SEAW Committee.  With certain safeguards, a member who fails to pay a subscription within one month after the due date (28th February) will cease to be a Member.  Annual accounts will be prepared and will be subject to independent examination.

4. Honorary Officers shall be a Chairman of Committee, a Treasurer, a Secretary, and other honorary ordinary Committee Members as may be desirable. The Management of the SEAW is entrusted tothis Committee which shall at its discretion have powers to co-opt further members for a period of one year. In the absence of a Treasurer the Committee will ensure that financial records are kept and reviewed by a qualified accountant or bookkeeper until a Treasurer is appointed.

5. The Officers and Committee members shall be elected generally at an Annual General Meeting and shall be re-appointed annually at the AGM.

6. There may be one or more Patrons and Honorary Members of the SEAW as advised by the SEAW Committee.

7. Annual General Meetings shall take place once in every calendar year and no more than 15 months may elapse between such Meetings. Twenty-eight clear days Notice shall normally be given of Annual and other General Meetings.  Time, place and general nature of the business must be given at the time of theNotice.  A quorum for any General Meetings shall be 10 voting members.

8. Seven clear days Notice shall normally be given for Committee Meetings which shall be held at least five times in each year.  A quorum shall consist of 4 Committee Members.

9. In order to further the best interests of the SEAW but not for any other purpose, the SEAW may become involved in staging exhibitions, workshops, lectures and the like together with those financial operations and other similar lawful activities pursuant with the aims and aspirations of the Society.

10. Records must be kept in writing of all meetings and transactions of the SEAW.  Any Member may inspect these during business hours and with prior appointment.

11. Dissolution of the SEAW shall be agreed at an AGM. After settlement of debts and sale of assets any remaining funds will be distributed to other art groups or charities in furtherance of the aims of the Society.


Revised January 2015 / Adopted AGM 22 February 2015


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