Hugh Jenkins


Hugh has ‘sketched’ since school. He always took his watercolours to grab whatever opportunity when travelling professionally or on holiday. With semi-retirement, he has time to explore further the infinite possibilities of watercolour.

Repeating themes in his work, whether Norwegian Arctic Circle or East Anglian landscapes, are evident; large skies, stark landscapes (mountains, empty spaces), the contrasting scale of human life and habitation in the immensity of nature. People have commented on the ‘darkness’ and ‘loneliness’ of some images. He is trying to place human beings in his work!

Hugh is fascinated by the possibilities of watercolour where water and pigment mix, and the wonderful effects that emerge on the paper; the joy of the happy mistake.

He has exhibited in a number of exhibitions. In 2014 he won The Tindalls Prize at the SEAW Selected Exhibition. He had his first solo exhibition in Timişoara, 2015.

Hugh has a PhD from London University and continues to teach in Romania, painting whenever possible.