Charles Nightingale

Telephone: 01394 286928

I was born in South-East London and began painting aged 5. I Joined the RAF (1957-1961), and on leaving the service studied mathematics at what was then Woolwich Polytechnic, continued studies in applied mathematics and later in electrical engineering. I researched in telcommunications at BT (1971-1992). During the latter stages of my career I became head of the image processing section and helped to develop the JPEG format for image transmission and storage.
I revived my artistic life in the years leading to my retirement becoming an oil painter, ceramicist, watercolourist and printmaker. I also originate work using a computer.
Watercolour was my first love and I continue to work in this medium in which I strive to pass on the feelings that I have when observing nature, people and urban landscape.
I loosely follows Tostoy’s definition of art and my oils and relief prints, in particular, often attempt to pass on my thoughts and feelings about the human world.