Beverly Hughes


For me, art is about looking deeper and discovering something of what may be revealed.

A significant part of my practice involves walking in the woods and woodland studies have become the centre of my studio work. Woodlands describe layers of time, both natural and manmade, creating pattern and texture on the landscape. It is also a place to awaken the senses, not just sight, but of sound, smell and touch (And maybe something deeper). I am especially drawn to roots and branches. At one level, they may be a visual chaos, but the longer you look lines and patterns emerge from both negative shapes and shafts of colour. I am also fascinated when catching glimpses of animals and how they seem to morph in and out of their surroundings, becoming part of the woodland patterns.

Working from sketches, photographs and collected items, I make pen and ink drawings back in the studio. These are overlaid with broad blocks of watercolour.

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