When did you start painting?

I have painted as far back as I remember as a small child. I have always enjoyed painting in watercolour all through my life.

What led you to start painting AGAIN?

I began painting more in the late 1990’s when I was inspired to paint architectural scenes. I was encouraged when my painting “Gymnasium at Sardis” was a finalist in the Singer & Friedlander Sunday Times Watercolour Competition and went on to paint another historical scene, Hampton Court Palace. I enjoyed painting in one of activities on a cruise in the Mediterranean and that led me to join an evening watercolour class while I was working fulltime. This was helpful in giving me space, time and encouragement to paint more regularly. The tutor was keen we should pursue our own projects and this suited me well. I have for some years painted landscapes with some seascape work.

How long have you been a Member of the SEAW?

5 years

What attracted you to join?

I wanted to belong to a group of watercolour painters and have the opportunity to exhibit my paintings in East Anglia.

What subject matter do you like to paint?

Landscapes in watercolour.

I am really inspired by scenes bathed in sunlight and shade and love to try and depict these light qualities in my paintings. I hope my work captures the wonders and beauty of our world, resonates with the viewer and is uplifting.

Are you a pure watercolourist? Or do you include other mediums in your paintings?

I mainly paint in pure watercolour.

Which artists inspire you and why?

I am inspired by Ian Sidaway RI. I love his watercolour landcapes which have a graphical side to them.

What galleries do you like to visit?

I enjoy visiting the Mall Galleries in London and particularly the RI watercolour exhibitions they hold there. I like to visit local places like The Babylon in Ely and The Dolby Gallery in Oundle Northhamptonshire.

I am greatly inspired by the wonderful watercolours artists post on Instagram, sometimes videos of how they paint.

What is your favourite colour to paint with?

I have no one favourite, but a number of colours. I do like transparent colours and especially sap green for foliage and it is useful for grass too. I enjoy the granulating qualities of green apatite genuine and the bright indian yellow for sunlit foliage. Those all happen to be Daniel Smith paints but I enjoy using my Artist or Professional Winsor and Newton paints too- I think they both provide excellent  pigments.

Do you have any artistic successes or achievements that you would like to share with readers?

I was awarded  the Tindalls Prize, for the painting ‘Amphitheatre at Pompei’,  and the Royal Watercolour Society President’s Award, for ’Summer Meadow’, at  the SEAW Selected Exhibitions of 2016 and 2017 respectively.

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