Since the beginning of lockdown, Alan Noyes has been amusing himself and the Hawkedon regulars with cartoons that illustrate life in lockdown, real and imagined. On April 24th he sent out a series about laying turf, with this message:

It has been a while but this gorgeous weather has not been wasted.

I finished my piece to submit to the Art of Watercolour magazine competition only to find the English submission site has been put on hold due to Covid. Fortunately the French site is still open and I was able to submit there – just sit back and wait now, I guess.

As I said, the weather hasn’t been wasted and I know most of you have been busy in your gardens. Our garden is reeling from the unexpected attention and I am reeling from the effects of laying 150 turves – still, it is done and well worth the effort but I do believe our water bill will exceed the cost of turf.

Anyway, to celebrate I have done a cartoon or two, so by ‘popular demand’, here they are.

Carry on staying safe –  we will come out the other end. We might not recognise ‘the other end’ when we see it but at least we will be there!


Turf Wars


At other times he has amused us with his lockdown series

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