Beverly Hughes shared some experimental work she has been doing during lockdown.

Here is what she had to say about it:

Like most, I love the transparency of watercolours but I also like the vibrancy which can be achieved by layering, thanks especially to David Poxon at his recent workshop in East Anglia.

What I have tried to develop recently is paler, loose layering overlaid by more vibrant representational images.

Ancient glass in the museum and the painting it inspired: Beyond by Beverly Hughes

The inspiration for the painting on the right came from a visit to Herculaneum – the museum had some glassware among the treasures which had been preserved and these really fascinated me. This photo doesn’t really do it justice but it was a springboard for my thinking both about layers of time and of looking through glass.

My picture grew organically – and has taken some time but I feel that the use of watercolour layers allows for some seeing more than the surface image.

Pharmacia by Beverly Hughes

Here is another I am working on, but it’s very much a work in progress. I’m normally lacking patience but I’ve found working this way is slowing me down, and I hope making me more mindful.

I have in mind to call it Pharmacia

The painting below is from a scene I have tried, unsuccessfully, to capture for some time. It’s from a bar I go to in the south of France and I really wanted to capture the feel of the place rather than a representational image – my smartphone could do that.

Here’s my source photo. I won’t include my many previous failed attempts.

I have done two versions, but I think the first (on the left) works better. Title – Salut.