Surinder Beerh

Other art societies you belong to:

Cambridge Drawing Society, Lloyd’s Art Group, Hemingford Art Club, St Ives Art Club, Hilton Art Club

What led you to start painting:

I retired in 2012 and wanted a hobby. There was an evening art class at a local school which I walked into and have never looked back

Do you have a preference for painting style? If so, can you describe it?

I like watercolour. I believe it is the most difficult media in art. I like to paint as loosely as possible. Watercolour can produce wonderful effects on paper. Leave it alone.

My favourite place to paint is (and why):

I love the coast, marinas, harbours, estuaries and ports. Love St Ives in Cornwall, Norfolk coast, Wells Next the Sea and Staithes.

Is there somewhere on your wish list of places to go and paint?

Venice, Florence, Croatia

Artists who inspire you:

Edward Seago, Turner, John Singer Sargent and Joseph Zbukvic

Best piece of advice you were ever given about art

There are no short cuts in watercolour. One needs to put the “brush mileage” and it takes the rest of your life to perfect the subject.

Best piece of advice you were ever given about anything

Always watch and listen to professionals.