Evening Light by Stuart Green


Stuart A. Green

What led you to start painting?

I can’t remember not painting and drawing!

My uncle was a superb draughtsman/cartoonist – great with a dip pen and ink. He had a wonderful sense of humour and was a good fiddle player. Every Birthday, Christmas, Celebration card was personalised with wonderful, colourful and witty embellishments.

Uncle Arch was a major influence in my life and my love of art as was “Chunky” Brooks, my art teacher. So, we have two people at least who changed my life.

Chunky was as wide as he was tall! He was a grumpy chap but a sensational teacher and I got on so well with him. Sadly, he died after my first year of A level studies but he had sown the seeds within me to follow him as an art teacher. I owe him so much. I have done what I have done for him.

Do you have a preferred painting style? If so, can you describe it?

As a teacher of art, one has to develop many approaches and methods to pass on to students and therefore I have (so I am told) many different styles. When people visit my studio during Cambridge Open studios in July, the first comment is often a question as to how many artists are exhibiting?

I use many different media and my style changes with the differing techniques required from that particular medium. Having said that, I do try to break all the so- called rules and it is very much the method that will affect the style!

Describe your perfect weekend

Being at home with my wife. She working on her patchworks and myself painting in the studio.

My favourite game as a child was

I failed the 11+ examination and so went to a school whose main sport was soccer! I made the team but was desperate to change to a school that played Rugby. I managed to do this the following year and was able to “tackle” this magnificent game. I achieved a relatively high standard, playing representative rugby at school age and played first class rugby whilst at Art School.

If you could give your teenage self one piece of advice, what would it be?

If you haven’t already learned to play a musical instrument, do it now!

My favourite place to paint is (and why):

Draw anywhere outside and paint in my lovely studio.

Is there somewhere on your wish list of places to go and paint? If so, where and why?

I have been very lucky to have travelled a great deal. I spent months in Australia on a teaching exchange which was life changing and despite having returned several times since, I would love to re visit that vast country. Colour, texture, it’s all there!

Artists who inspire you

David Hockney, Kurt Jackson, Barbara Rea, Joan Eardley, David Prentice and Fred Cummings to name but a few.

The gallery I would always travel to visit is:

The Sainsbury Centre in Norwich. The collection is fantastic and illustrates the universality and timeless nature of quality design and visual expression.

Your favourite colour to paint with?

The answer to this, I think, is a variable feast! I have gone through many colours as favourite but I believe at present I would have to say that purple is offering most contentment.

Best piece of advice you were ever given about anything

Remember that the landscape begins under your feet and finishes directly above your head.

More about Stuart

Website address:  www.stuartagreen.uk

Instagram: @stuartagreen70