Jackie Devereaux

Other art societies you belong to

Current President, Society of Graphic Fine Art (the drawing society)

What led you to start painting:

I have been painting and drawing all my adult life, exhibiting seriously in the ‘70’s when in my twenties.


Do you have a preference for painting style? If so, can you describe it?

I have a very open mind with regards to what I am attracted to, and with regards to my own practice, I have always been drawn to creating minimalistic contemporary work – strong composition, colour and space.

Describe your perfect weekend

Taking a gentle walk with sketchbook – drawing whatever presents itself, plus rummaging in antique stores or charity shops for bargain props for my still life paintings.

The best thing ever invented was:

In my mind the ‘travelling squirrel head brush’

A person who changed my life is:

In real time it has to be my husband, retired Industrial Photographer, Barry Devereux – we have travelled the world together, recording everything that moved (or not!), exhibited together and ‘laughed out loud’………what more could one wish!

With reference to other artists it would have to be J.M.W.Turner from the past, but an artist sadly now deceased, is Amelia Shaw-Hastings. Amelia and I travelled to the States in the early ‘80’s, exhibited together, laughed and drew together. Her keen eye and swift, eloquent drawing skills were a constant inspiration.

If you could give your teenage self one piece of advice, what would it be?

Always keep an eye on the horizon!

My favourite place to paint is (and why):

I love to paint alone in my studio – working from sketchbooks compiled over the years, I can transport myself anywhere I wish. What is more, I can create a world unique to me.

Is there somewhere on your wish list of places to go and paint? If so, where and why

I should like to explore the wild parts of Canada preferably by train.

I have grown to love wide open spaces – taking in the dead centre of Australia, to Antarctica – stark contrasts.

Artists who inspire you:

Cezanne and Turner from the past, as well as Hockney for his masterly line!

Your favourite colour to paint with?

Pthalo blue (green shade)

Best piece of advice you were ever given about art

Composition, composition, composition…….oh, and negative space awareness!

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