Pen and Wash Outdoor Watercolour workshop with Andrew Pitt

The main aim of this workshop is to encourage painters to paint outside. 

All the practical aspects of painting in the field will be covered with the emphasis on simplicity and convenience. 

Participants will learn to appreciate how pictures painted outside, despite the inevitable faults, have a raw authenticity that cannot be achieved by relying solely on photographs. 

The day will also demonstrate how  painting and sketching outside can improve the quality of studio work. Students will also come to appreciate the limits of the visual information available from photographs and therefore better able to make up for these shortcomings when using digital images.

The day will begin by workshop participants watching a full length demonstration for about an hour. The purpose of this session will be to show how to go about painting outside, and will include drawing and colour mixing. 

In short, a picture will be painted from start to finish to demonstrate how to make a painting from a subject in front of you.

There will then be an opportunity for students to paint or sketch. Guidance will be given according to experience. There will be indoor accomodation if the weather is too wet to stay outside. 

Andrew will, of course, be pleased to remind everyone of the pleasures of painting outside, and demonstrate how it can benefit their paintings.

He writes: I will make sure that should the weather be impossible then a suitable hall will be available for us to retreat to. But I have to say too many painters give up too soon when there is a shower. Sometimes, if you are prepared to take a risk the weather can actually contribute the most exciting marks on your painting.

And yesterday I had cows helping by licking my effort.

See more of Andrew’s work on his website.

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