Observational Drawing with Rachel Haynes

This workshop will be all about improving and honing your observational drawing skills.

Rachel will guide you through some practical and challenging exercises, using only the visual information that can be recorded from a fixed viewpoint, not what you think you know about the subject matter, but what you actually see!

During the day she will demonstrate a range of drawing techniques and ways to calculate proportions, angles and ellipses.

 Suggestions for what to bring

  • Basic drawing materials and drawing paper/drawing pad and board.
  • Ruler
  • Viewfinder
  • Eraser
  • Also paints, coloured pencils or pastels (whatever your preferred medium)

A floor standing or table easel would be useful for keeping work upright, necessary for accurate observational drawing.

Coffee and Tea will be provided. Attendees are advised to bring lunch. 

Non-members welcome. (For £10 you could become a Friends of the SEAW. Friends of the SEAW are eligible to book ALL SEAW workshop places at the member rate.)